Robert Gould

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MFA Theatre Program

MFA, Sarah Lawrence College. Active in performance art and theatre since the mid-1980s, starting as technical director at The Franklin Furnace performance space. Co-founded DSR, a sound performance group, and toured Japan and Europe in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Assistant Technical Director for the SLC theatre program prior to starting his own sound design company. Sound design credits include: work for Off Broadway theatre companies, including Naked Angels, Clubbed Thumb, Cucaracha and Gabrielle Lansner; in-house sound designer for Ensemble Studio Theatre (1999–2003) and designed most of its yearly Marathon series productions of one-act plays during those years; created sound for dance choreographers Jeanine Durning, Hetty King, Lans Gries, and Lisa Race; and currently is an audio engineer for CBS News. SLC, 2008–

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Tools of the Trade

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This class meets once a week.

This is a stagehand course that focuses on the nuts and bolts of light-board and sound-board operation and projection technology, as well as the use of basic stage carpentry. This is not a design class but, rather, a class about reading and drafting light plots, assembly and troubleshooting, and basic electrical repair. Students who take this course will be eligible for additional paid work as technical assistants in the theatre department.