Katie Gallagher

BSc, Laurentian University. MS, Sarah Lawrence College. A certified genetic counselor in the Division of Pediatric Genetic Medicine at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, she’s currently collaborating with Sarah Lawrence to develop an LGBTQ cultural competency curriculum for genetic counselors. SLC, 2017-

Graduate Courses 2021-2022

MS Human Genetics

Clinical Pediatric Genetics

Graduate Seminar—Spring

Clinical Pediatric Genetics provides students with an introduction to the basic vocabulary, case scenarios, and genetic counseling issues encountered in a pediatric genetics session. The emphasis is on understanding the previous medical records, symptoms, and physical signs needed to construct the targeted questioning and differential diagnosis. The course structure includes readings, lecture, and group discussion.


Previous Courses

MS Human Genetics

Biochemistry of Genetic Disease

Graduate Seminar—Fall

The Biochemistry of Genetic Disease course provides an overview of major inborn metabolic diseases. Emphasis is placed on modes of inheritance, recurrence risks, pathogenesis, screening options, diagnostic testing, natural history, treatment options, and psychosocial and genetic counseling implications. The course is conducted online through prerecorded lectures, reading assignments, and online discussion.