Tom Evans

BS/BS/BS/BS, University of Washington. MA, Washington University, St. Louis. PhD, Montana State University. Certificate in College Teaching, Montana State University. A high-school and college geology and earth science teacher, Evans teaches at the Utah Military Academy-Camp Williams Campus, Utah Valley University, and Sarah Lawrence College. He also teaches cave rescue for the National Cave Rescue Commission. When not being a “rock and biology nerd,” he is backpacking, camping, hiking, packrafting, caving, canyoneering, and generally getting himself in trouble outdoors! As the CEO of a small nonprofit that does research for rope rescuers, Evans can often be found breaking rescue equipment with friends. SLC, 2018–

Graduate Courses

Human Genetics 2020-2021


Graduate Seminar—Fall

The Pathophysiology course provides students with an understanding of human anatomy and physiology of most of the major organ systems. Through course readings and oral presentations, students learn to identify, synthesize, and understand physiological mechanisms of the human body; explain a genetic condition from a physiological standpoint; and identify and access information resources pertinent to physiological diseases.