Charlotte L. Doyle

BA, Temple University. MA, PhD, University of Michigan. A generalist in psychology with special interests in the creative process, psychological theory, and children’s literature. Articles written on the creative process in art, the fiction-writing episode, facilitating creativity in children, and the definition of psychology. Books include Explorations in Psychology (a textbook) and seven picture books for children: Hello Baby, Freddie’s Spaghetti, Where’s Bunny’s Mommy?, You Can’t Catch Me, Twins!, Supermarket!, and The Bouncing Dancing Galloping ABC. SLC, 1966–

Undergraduate discipline: Psychology
Graduate program: Child Development Program

Courses taught in Psychology

Courses from previous years

  • Perspectives on Child Development
  • Children’s Literature: Developmental and Literary Perspectives
  • Theories of the Creative Process
  • First-Year Studies: Approaches to Child Development

Courses taught in Child Development Program

Courses from previous years

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