Matthew Cooper

Undergraduate Discipline


BA, University of California–Riverside. MA, PhD, University of California–Irvine. Special interests include German idealism, with emphasis on aesthetic idealism and Schelling’s philosophy of art; Naturphilosophie; German Romanticism; and representations of nature in German tragic drama. Current research is in the environmental humanities, ecocriticism, and ecophenomenology. SLC, 2023–

Previous Courses


Beginning German

Open, Seminar—Year

This course concentrates on the study of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in order to secure the basic tools of the German language. In addition to offering that introduction, classroom activities and the production of short compositions promote oral and written communication. This class will meet three times per week (90 minutes), twice with the main teacher and once with Ms. Mizelle, who will also meet with students individually or in small groups for an extra conference. Course materials include the textbook, Neue Horizonte (eighth edition), along with the workbook and a graded German reader. We will cover about 10 chapters from the textbook—all of the basic grammar and vocabulary that students will need to know in order to advance to the next level. There will be short written tests at the end of each chapter. Students will also be introduced to contemporary German culture through authentic materials from newspapers, television, radio, or the internet.