Eileen Ka-May Cheng

BA, Harvard University. MA, MPhil, PhD, Yale University. Special interest in early American history, with an emphasis on the American Revolution and the early American republic; European and American intellectual history; and historiography. Author of The Plain and Noble Garb of Truth: Nationalism and Impartiality in American Historical Writing, 1784-1860; author of articles and book reviews for History and Theory, Journal of American History, Reviews in American History, and Journal of the Early Republic. SLC, 1999–

Undergraduate discipline: History
Graduate program: Women's History Program

Courses taught in History

Courses from previous years

  • “Not By Fact Alone”: The Making of History
  • Women, Gender, and Politics in American History
  • First-Year Studies: Inventing America: Cultural Encounters and American Identity, 1607-1877
  • The American Revolution and Its Legacy: From British to American Nationalism
  • America in the Historical Imagination: American and European Perceptions of the ‘New World’
  • The ‘Losers’: Dissent and the Legacy of Defeat in American Politics From the American Revolution to the Civil War

Courses taught in Women's History Program

  • Women, Gender, and Politics in American History

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