David Castriota

BA, New York University. MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University. Special interests in Greek art of the classical and Hellenistic periods, Roman art of the late republic and early empire, and the art of prehistoric Europe; author of Myth, Ethos, and Actuality: Official Art in Fifth-Century B.C. Athens, The Ara Pacis Augustae and the Imagery of Abundance in Later Greek and Early Roman Imperial Art, and a critical commentary on Alois Riegl’s Problems of Style: Foundations for a History of Ornament; editor of Artistic Strategy and the Rhetoric of Power: Political Uses of Art from Antiquity to the Present; recipient of fellowships from the Dumbarton Oaks Center for Early Christian and Byzantine Art and the Society of Fellows of Columbia University and of grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Philosophical Society. SLC, 1992–

Undergraduate discipline: Art History

Courses taught in Art History

Courses from previous years

  • Christianity and the Roman Empire
  • History of Architecture: From Ziggurats and Pyramids to Cathedrals and Mosques: Ancient and Medieval Architecture in the Near East, the Mediterranean, and Europe
  • Ancient Albion: Art and Culture in the British Isles from Stonehenge to the Viking Invasions
  • East vs. West: Europe, the Mediterranean, and Western Asia from Antiquity to the Modern Age
  • Art and Myth in Ancient Greece
  • First-Year Studies: Gods, Heroes, and Kings: Art and Power in the Ancient World

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