Barbara Caress

BA, MA, University of Chicago. With more than 40 years of experience as a union, nonprofit, and public agency manager, consultant, and administrator, she most recently served as director of strategic policy and planning for the SEIU Local 32BJ Health, Pension, Legal, and Training Funds, which provide benefits to 250,000 people living in seven states. She oversaw the Funds’ research and planning efforts, and, under her direction, the 32BJ Health Funds have undertaken a substantial redesign effort dedicated to developing incentives for members to use—and providers to offer—patient-centered medical homes and other certified quality providers. She has spent many years as a health care consultant, working for clients such as the New York City and New York State Health Departments, Community Service Society, Local 1199, and United Hospital Fund. She is currently a member of NCQA’s Standards Committee, the NQF MAP Hospital Work Group, and the NYC Primary Care Improvement Project Advisory Board. She is the author of a wide range of health policy reports and reviews and is currently an adjunct faculty member at the School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College, CUNY. SLC, 2016–

Previous Courses

MA Health Advocacy

Health Care Policy


This course will examine the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of health care policy. It will focus on the interaction of the health-care system with the federal, state, and local political systems. Individual pieces of health policy will be used to study the evolution of health policy and the impact of health policy on health care in the United States.