Lorayne Carbon

Director, Early Childhood Center

BA, State University of New York-Buffalo. MSEd, Bank Street College of Education. Special areas of interest include social justice issues in the early childhood classroom and creating aesthetic learning environments for young children. Former early childhood teacher and director at Oak Lane Child Care Center, Chappaqua, New York, and education coordinator of the Virginia Marx Children’s Center of Westchester Community College. An adjunct professor at Westchester Community College, Carbon is a frequent workshop leader and speaker at seminars and conferences on early childhood education. She has been director of the Early Childhood Center since August 2003 and is a faculty advisor to the College’s Child Development Institute. SLC, 2003–

Graduate Courses

Art of Teaching 2020-2021

Advisement Seminar

Graduate Seminar—Spring

The theme of the Advisement Seminar is to explore the connections among early childhood education, childhood education, and the ongoing education of teachers in the content disciplines. The seminar begins with observations of the very youngest children to help us begin to frame continuities and differences. Faculty from the Early Childhood Center and the undergraduate liberal-arts faculty help us to think about learning as an ongoing process across ages and stages of development, leading sessions devoted to curriculum and its evolution both for children in classrooms and for us as teachers. We consider intercultural perspectives and themes related to teaching in a diverse society; view videos and films of children in classrooms engaged in drawing, writing, reading, imaginative play, and social-studies explorations; read source material in the content disciplines; and engage in hands-on explorations.