Katie Bell

Undergraduate Discipline

Visual and Studio Arts

Undergraduate Courses 2021-2022

Visual and Studio Arts

Assemblage: The Found Palette

Open, Seminar—Fall

Layered, built, found, saved, applied, collected, arranged, salvaged...Jean Dubuffet coined the term "assemblage” in 1953, referring to collages he made using butterfly wings. Including found material in a work of art not only brings the physical object but also its embedded narrative. In this course, we will explore the various ways in which the found object can affect a work of art and its history dating back to the early 20th century. We will look at historical and contemporary artists such as Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauschenberg, Hannah Höch, Betye Saar, Richard Tuttle, Rachel Harrison, and Leonardo Drew. This course will tackle various approaches, challenging the notions of ”What is an art material?” and "How can the everyday inform the creative process.”