Kameron Ackerman

Undergraduate Discipline


BM, University of Central Oklahoma. BA, University of Central Oklahoma, Hunter College, Oregon State University. MS, New York University. MFA, University of California–Los Angeles. MA, Montclair State University. MPhil, Graduate Center at City University of New York. Currently writing PhD dissertation at the Graduate Center at CUNY. Primary area of specialization: Sub-Saharan African literature. Other research and teaching interests include: 19th century French, American, and British realism; 20th-century literature of Spain, Latin America, France, and the United States; second language acquisition; and film studies. SLC, 2023–

Previous Courses


Intermediate French II: Colonialism and its Legacy: The Relationship Between France and Sub-Saharan Africa

Intermediate, Seminar—Year

Prerequisite: Intermediate French I (possibly Advanced Beginning French for outstanding students) or by placement test taken during interview week at the beginning of the fall semester

This course will analyze the relationship between France and its former colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa. We will look at works written by thinkers of the time that analyzed questions of value and morality regarding the colonial project. Students will have the chance to get familiar with the different eras of colonialism, including the moment of decolonization and the postcolonial era. How can we view the colonizers all these years later? In what ways does the legacy of colonialism continue to affect Sub-Saharan Africa? Theoretical texts, film, and literary texts will be used to further the students’ knowledge of this topic through written and oral assignments.