Connect with a Student

Want to learn more about how our students spend their time, what they eat, and where they study? Interested in learning about specific opportunities on campus? Our students would love to share their Sarah Lawrence experiences with you! Get in touch with any of the students below to ask questions and gain insight into what it’s really like to be a student at Sarah Lawrence.

Sam '19

My name’s Sam and I’m a senior from Littleton, New Hampshire. I study Sociology, Geography, and Dance. I was abroad last semester in Malawi, India, and Italy studying the politics and culture of food and agriculture. I co-chair the First Generation Student Union and I'm part of the Food & Justice Coalition. In my free time, I like to take dance classes in the city! Here’s a little picture of me eating gelato in Rome.

Kat '21

My name is Katherine but I go by Kat. I am from Chicago, IL.  I’m a sophomore studying Economics here at SLC. I am currently a member of Gryphon Capital - a club that educates students on smart investments, Harambee - the school’s Black Student Union, and a member of the Cross Country team.

Max '21

I’m a sophomore tour guide at SLC from Belfast, Maine. I study mostly Theatre and Anthropology, but honestly a big mix of the Arts and Social Sciences. I am a member of one of the Shakespeare troupes on campus and a producer for Melancholy Players, the longest running student run theater production company on campus. I also co-founded and co-manage The B List, a bad movie watching club here at school.

Leia '19

I am from Mumbai, India. I study Visual Arts, Theatre & Economics. I have been involved in Student Senate for the past three years, and am a producer and treasurer for the Musical Theatre Collective. I look forward to telling you why I chose SLC!

Clay ‘21

I'm from way down in Austin, Texas, and I mostly study Political Science and Film (focusing on writing and directing). Outside of the classroom, I run a recreational soccer club, and a group working to organize college campuses in Texas to increase youth minority voter turnout. I’m here to answer questions you may have about being a student at SLC!

Andrea '20

I’m a junior here at SLC from Eugene, Oregon. I’m Pre-Med and studying Biomedical Engineering through the dual degree Combined Engineering Program that Sarah Lawrence has with Columbia University. I am also a member of the Division III Swim Team and volunteer at the local New York Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville. If you’re interested in the STEM field or athletics let me know!