A rigorous educationthat's uniquely yours

A rigorous education

Ready and eager for intellectual challenge?

Sarah Lawrence’s curriculum is based on round-table seminar discussions and close collaboration with faculty on independent writing and research. Programs of study are tailored to each student, and they’re as interdisciplinary as you make them.

A communityof individuals

A community

Find your people.

It's easy here. Sarah Lawrence’s community thrives on conversation. This intellectual give and take—a constant exchange of ideas—unites our tight-knit campus and elevates the way we think, learn, create, and write.

A facultyof scholars

A faculty

Our world-renowned faculty put teaching first

—and spend more one-on-one time with students than do professors at any other liberal arts college.

Never bored—never boring

Never bored—

Our students graduate exceptionally well prepared for the future—

a future they create. From the academic life of campus to the world's best internships, museums, food, music, theatre, and art only a quick train ride away, Sarah Lawrence has everything you need for the next four years and beyond.