Graduate Housing




To assist Graduate students in their search for housing, the Office of Graduate Studies publishes a housing guide each spring. For more information, contact the Graduate Housing Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Studies.

Housing Search Assistance

During the summer, a Graduate Housing Coordinator is available to assist students by providing information about housing resources available in Westchester County and the New York City area, including information from landlords and notices from individuals seeking roommates. The coordinator also facilitates roommate matching.

Popular Areas for Graduate Housing

The amount of time spent on campus varies by graduate program and is something for students to consider as they search for housing.

Graduate students typically seek housing in the following areas:

  • Lower Westchester County: Home to a variety of housing options, with rent costs that vary just as widely. Students unfamiliar with the area are advised to visit before beginning their housing search.
  • Manhattan: Rents are generally high, but there are plenty of options if students are willing to share an apartment.
  • Brooklyn & Queens: Rents are typically less expensive than Manhattan, but the commute on public transportation takes an hour or more.
  • Woodlawn & Riverdale: Rents are lower than Manhattan and Westchester County and it is only a 10-15 minute drive to campus.