All-Gender Housing




In place at Sarah Lawrence College since 2004, all-gender housing is designed to allow two or more students to share bedroom and/or bathroom spaces regardless of gender identity. 

All-gender housing is available within most on-campus residence halls to allow students to select the housing that best fits their lifestyle without concern for gender restrictions. It benefits every student to be able to choose a roommate with whom they are most comfortable.

Housing Configurations

Configurations of all-gender housing include:

  • Suites (students are placed in rooms by gender, but share a bathroom)
  • Rooms (students share a bedroom)
  • Bathrooms (students share a bathroom located in a corridor-style hallway)

First-Year Students

First-year students self-identify their gender on a housing questionnaire, and the College selects housing based on that information. Sarah Lawrence College will consult with students on an individual basis to find a fitting accommodation.

Romantic Relationships

The intention of all-gender housing is not to encourage any romantic couple to rush into living together. While this may be the choice of some students, the majority of all-gender residents are students who are friends and share similar living habits, regardless of gender.