Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2021 Semester Information

For the latest updates and information on the Fall 2021 semester, including answers to frequently asked questions for students and families, please visit the fall semester information site.

College is an important milestone for young adults—a time to learn and discover. At Sarah Lawrence, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. To that end, we encourage students to learn how to advocate for themselves, to be self-sufficient, and to seek answers and solutions in all aspects of their lives, much as they do each day in the classroom.

We also understand that having one's child away from home without a daily window into their lives can be a new and challenging experience for parents, and that you will often have questions. We've compiled this list of answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand policies and processes at the College, and to help you advise your student.

Have a question that's not answered here? Reach out to one of the contacts listed on this page, or submit your question here.


Have a question about academics at Sarah Lawrence that isn't answered below? Contact Associate Dean of Studies Rachelle Rumph at 914.395.2250 or e-mail her.

How is academic performance evaluated? Are there grades?

Students receive written narrative evaluations from summarizing and providing assessment of their work in each course and providing feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. Students are encouraged even before the registration period to review the course syllabus and discuss the academic expectations for each course with the instructor during interview week. The interview period takes place each semester before a student submits their class registration. This interview allows students the opportunity to understand the course content, the work required, and their interest in the area and the instructor.

All students receive grades at Sarah Lawrence College. They may access their unofficial transcript as well as their narrative course evaluations through their account on MySLC.

My student’s don is not from their academic area of interest. Does that matter?

Some first year students initially become disappointed when they learn their don is not from their academic discipline of interest. The role of the don is to guide students through the Sarah Lawrence College curriculum with the advantage of having knowledge of the student as a scholar (having taught the student for a year in the First Year Studies seminar). Students work with faculty across all disciplines very closely. Our students find that once they take courses with faculty from their own areas of interest, they are able to foster meaningful, discipline related advisement while having a don’s guidance across the entire academic four year program.

What does it mean to get “bumped” from a class and why does it happen?

Given the nature of Sarah Lawrence College’s open curriculum, very few courses have pre-requisites. For our open courses, as long as a student interviews with the instructor for a course, they have the same chance of being enrolled in the course regardless of their class year. Students must interview for the three courses they submit to the Registrar’s office during registration. If this requirement is satisfied, students will be placed in at least two of their three course selections. A computer algorithm models student placements, and is designed to place the largest proportion of students in all three courses selected. Each term, about two-thirds of students are placed in their three choices. The remaining one-third of students participate in the alternate registration process (some students refer to this as being “bumped”). This process is similar to the first round of registration, as it involves interviewing course faculty and submitting three course options; one of these options will become the student’s third course for the term.


Have a question about dining that isn't answered here? Contact SLC Fresh's Resident Director Michael Pierro 914.930.2911 or e-mail him. In addition, students are encouraged to share feedback on dining services via our Text a Manager program at 914.930.2911.

What meal plans are available?

A variety of meal plans are available in an effort to fit the needs of every student on campus. To see a list of the meal plan options available, visit the SLC Fresh site.

Can students switch meal plans?

Students may contact the Student Accounts Office at 914.395.2550 to change meal plans. There is no fee for changing a meal plan if done before the academic term or within the first four weeks of the fall term.

Can I add money to my student’s 1Card?

Yes! Parents and family members may directly add funds to a student’s 1Card online.

What are the hours of the campus dining venues?

Dining venue hours of operation vary and change throughout the year in conjunction with holidays and breaks. Hours are communicated to students and the campus community via e-mail and the SLC Fresh website. This information is also available to students on MySLC.

How can a student track their meal plan usage?

Students may keep track of their meal plans and check balances by visiting

What is a meal combo?

A meal combo is a meal swipe at the Barbara Walters Campus Center and Hill 2 Go. A meal combo allows for a full meal; for example, at the Barbara Walters Campus Center, a student may use a swipe for a combo consisting of an entrée, two sides, and a drink. Items that are eligible for meal combos are labeled as such at these dining venues.

Are there accommodations for students with special dietary needs?

SLC Fresh is committed to accommodating student dietary needs. Students with food allergies or other special dietary needs due to a medical condition are encouraged to contact the Health and Wellness Center at 914.395.2350. Students may also discuss dietary needs as part of religious dietary practices with Michael Pierro, director of SLC Fresh.


Have a question about residence life that isn't answered here? Contact Director of Residence Life Myra McPhee at 914.395.2575 or e-mail her.

When is the housing lottery?

The housing lottery date changes from year to year but is generally held in the month of March. Students can visit the Residence Life section of MySLC for answers to frequently asked questions about the housing lottery.

Can parents contact Resident Assistants (RAs)? If not, who can they contact if they are concerned about their student?

Parents should e-mail with concerns or questions rather than contact the Resident Assistants directly.

Do the residence halls have microwaves or other kitchen amenities available for students?

Some residence halls have kitchens and related amenities available. If a student lives in an apartment or house with a kitchen, they should talk with their suite/housemates to decide who will bring appliances and supplies. See a list of residence hall options and amenities on MySLC.

What does a typical student room look like?

Students may see floor plans for all of our residence halls on MySLC. They can also see amenities and designations for different spaces. Our residence halls vary widely and we are not able to provide specific measurements or furniture information for buildings and rooms.

What should my student bring for their residence hall room?

We've compiled a full list of what to bring—and what not to bring!—on MySLC. Check it out!

Can students live off campus?

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are allowed to live off campus. First year students are required to live on campus. First year students with a situation that requires them to commute should submit a request to commute form, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can students have a car on campus?

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are permitted to have a car on campus. Students are required to have a parking pass in order to park their vehicle on campus. First year students are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus. Students may register their car and purchase a parking permit via MySLC.

Mail & Packages

How can I mail or ship something to my student?

All packages, whether sent via the USPS or express mail services, should be addressed as follows:

Student’s Name
Sarah Lawrence College
1 Mead Way
Bronxville NY, 10708

It is not necessary to include a student’s ID or room number when mailing a package.

Students receive an e-mail from the campus post office notifying them that they have received a package. Packages not picked up within two weeks will be returned to sender.

Prior to move in for the fall term, students’ items may be shipped to campus, but should be marked “HOLD FOR ARRIVAL;” watch for communications in the summer letting students and families know when packages can start arriving on campus prior to the fall semester.

Have a question for the SLC post office? Contact them at

Are care packages available for purchase?

Yes! Parents and families may order care and gift packages through the Sarah Lawrence College bookstore. Pick your own gifts or choose from pre-selected care packages, then just let your student know they have something waiting at the bookstore!

Have a question for the SLC bookstore? Contact them at