Christine Desan Lecture—As Mainstream as the Mail: Re-Imagining Money, From Theory to (Postal) Practice

May 1, 2018

The Bitcoin boom attests to the deep public capacity to re-imagine money. Money runs through our lives in countless ways, a currency of value that denominates the work we perform and the property we own, the savings we put aside for those we love and the contributions we make towards the public sphere. If we can reconceive money, we can revise an elemental medium that relates people to each other, to those in authority, and to those across borders. The trick is not, however, inventing a crypto-currency, isolated from governance and immune from human interpretation. It is to understand and remake money as it exists at the core of political and economic life. Christine Desan sketched money as a constitutional medium and considered how approaching it that way opens up new possibilities for political economic reform.