Nicholas Muellner on the Craft of Writing

Slonim Living Room

Open to the public

/ Wednesday


Making Pictures: Writing as a Kind of Photography

Photographic artists of the late modernist tradition deliberately spoke of "making" rather than "taking" pictures. This lecture investigates the values and limits of this approach, as well as the artist's ongoing integration of photographs as a wordless vocabulary within written prose.

Nicholas Muellner is an artist who operates at the intersection of photography and writing. Through books, exhibitions, and slide lectures, his projects investigate the limits of photography as a documentary pursuit and as an interface to literary, political, and personal narratives. His recent image-text books include The Photograph Commands Indifference, The Amnesia Pavilions, and In Most Tides an Island. He is a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow and co-directs the Image Text MFA and Press at Ithaca College.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

This event is colloquium credit eligible.