The Politics of Womanhood: From the Progressive Era to Trump World (Women's History Colloquium)

Slonim Living Room / Stone Room

Open to the public

/ Thursday


Since Donald Trump became president of the U.S., the gender gap has grown wider than ever. Even so, women are far from united politically. Political divisions among women are nothing new, but neither are expectations that women should be united. Indeed, Progressive reformers expressed great faith that "the politics of womanhood" would transform American politics and cultureand also great dismay when women disagreed... on women's suffrage, the Equal Rights Amendment, obscenity and pornography, and many, many other issues. Professor Leigh Ann Wheeler will explore these dual histories to begin a conversation about how, why, and with what results many Americans still fantasize about a woman's voting bloc.

Leigh Ann Wheeler is a professor of History at Binghamton University (SUNY). She specializes in Modern U.S. women, sexuality, and social movements, especially those related to civil rights and civil liberties. She is currently researching and writing the biography of Anne Moody, a popular memoirist and civil rights activist best known as the author of Coming of Age in Mississippi (1968).