Iran: a Threat? (2019 Adda Bozeman Lecture)

Titsworth Marjorie Leff Miller ’53 Lecture Hall

Open to the public

/ Tuesday


Relying on his deep understanding of Iranian history and politics, Professor Ervand Abrahamian will do a "reality" test on Iran's strengths and weaknesses. Assessing Iran's capabilities and intentions, he poses the question of whether the country poses a threat either to the US or the Middle East region.

Ervand Abrahamian is a lecturer at Baruch College and recognized as a Distinguished Professor of History after more than 40 years of teaching experience. Abrahamian previously taught at the prestigious universities of Oxford, Columbia, and Princeton, in addition to the Graduate Center in the City University of New York. He received his BA from Oxford University and consequently attended Columbia University, where he obtained his PhD. His book publications include: Iran Between Two Revolutions (Princeton University Press); The Iranian Mujahedin (Yale University Press); Khomeinism (University of California Press); Tortured Confessions (University of California Press); A History of Modern Iran (Cambridge University Press); and The Coup: 1953, The CIA, and the Roots of Modern US-Iran Relations (New Press).

The lecture is sponsored by the Adda Bozeman Chair in International Relations.

One of Sarah Lawrence's most esteemed teachers and scholars, Adda Bozeman taught international relations from 1947-77. Her major works include Politics and Culture in International History, The Future of Law in a Multicultural World, Conflict in Africa: Concepts and Realities, and Strategic Intelligence and Statecraft.​