SLCeeds: FinalPitch!

Heimbold Visual Arts Center Donnelley Film Theatre

Not open to the public

/ Monday


After an intense week of workshops, student teams present their new found enterprises at the SLCeeds FinalPitch competition.

SLCeeds complements the creative and entrepreneurial nature of a Sarah Lawrence education by providing students with the skills and tools they need to turn their passion into a plan and an idea into a sustainable solution. During the week, students worked in teams to identify a problem, validate the need for a solution, design that solution, and create an implementation model.

After the student teams present, a panel of expert and successful entrepreneurs will ask the team questions. At the conclusion of the team presentations, the panel will deliberate while student teams and the audience enjoy a reception in Heimbold Atrium.

At 8:15 pm, the SLCeeds FinalPitch winning team will be announced followed by a celebratory dessert reception.

We hope you join us for an exciting evening. Watch, learn, and cheer!

Sponsored by the Office of Career Services, the program is supervised by Roger Osorio, Executive Coach and Program Leader at IBM.