Genetic Counseling Career Day

Heimbold Visual Arts Center Donnelley Film Theatre

Open to the public

/ Monday


Interested in exploring a career as a genetic counselor? Attend Sarah Lawrence College’s Genetic Counseling Career Day!

Fee: $35 (non-refundable; includes breakfast and lunch)
Registration Deadline: Friday, June 1, 2018

During this annual event, attendees:

  • Meet genetic counselors with varying specialties, experiences, and perspectives
  • Become familiar with the type of knowledge and skills genetic counselors use in their practice and the array of jobs for which this skill set can prepare you
  • Learn about the present state and the projected future of the profession
  • Discuss the ethical and social implications of genomic medicine
  • Have lunch with practicing genetic counselors and genetic counseling students
  • Break into smaller groups to learn about specialties within the field
  • Gain an understanding of opportunities available to graduates with a Master of Science in Human Genetics

All are welcome, regardless of educational or career background.

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