Samo Matiko Lecture—The State of Education in Tanzania

Heimbold Visual Arts Center 208

Not open to the public

/ Monday


Join us to hear more about the current state of education in Tanzania. The talk will be given by Mr. Samo Matiko, a native Tanzanian who has been working at Mainsprings’ Joseph and Mary School since 2010. He will compare the traditional methods of teaching to those used within the Joseph and Mary School and exploring what needs to change for the country as it moves forward.

Mr. Samo started as a classroom teacher in the 4th grade and eventually moved into the position of Head of Primary School. He currently serves as Mainsprings’ Dean of Students and oversees the welfare of approximately 400 students in the school, from preschool to high school. His responsibilities include coordinating extra-curricular activities, literacy campaigns, community service and counseling services. Mainsprings JBFC is one of our community partners for the Pitzer-Sarah Lawrence Study Abroad Program in Southern Africa.

Mainsprings was originally founded as a home for a few orphaned and vulnerable girls. Today, Mainsprings is devoted to effecting change throughout the entire community, for both children and adults, realizing that an entire community needs to be prosperousto ensure no child has to live a life of extreme poverty. The flagship campus is in the village of Kitongo and a second campus is located in the village of Kahunda, approximately three hours west of the Kitongo campus. JFBC not only provides children an excellent education and nutritious meals daily, they also provide much-needed medical care to the community throughout the year.