CAConrad Craft Talk—Ecopoetics: Resurrect Extinct Vibration

Slonim Living Room / Stone Room

Open to the public

/ Thursday


Resurrect Extinct Vibration is a (Soma)tic poetry ritual using audio field recordings of recently extinct animals, momentarily returning the music of the disappeared back into the air, the body, the land. We will focus on an Ecopoetics beyond our degraded soil, air, and water, considering the idea of vibrational absence. We will also be expanding the notion of a book of poems to incorporate other elements such as cataloging, journaling, law suits, congressional pleas, grave markers, and other forms of writing to enhance the collection of poems.

CAConrad is the author of nine books of poetry and essays, the latest is titled While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books, 2017). A recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts for Literature, they also received The Believer Magazine Book Award and The Gil Ott Book Award. They teach regularly at the Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam and their books, essays, films, interviews, rituals, and other publications can be found online.