Kathleen Hill Craft Talk—Making a Book from the Pieces

Slonim Living Room / Stone Room

Open to the public

/ Tuesday


This talk will address a writer's challenge of taking a number of stories or essays, loosely driven by the same theme, and creating from them a narrative that turns the parts into a whole, a collection into an evolving story, a book. Both fiction and non-fiction students may be interested.

Kathleen Hill, who teaches at Sarah Lawrence, has published two novels and recently a memoir, She Read to us in the Late Afternoons, a Life in Novels. Her first novel, Still Waters in Niger, was named a Notable Book by The New York Times, and in its French translation, Eaux Tranquilles, shortlisted for the Prix Femina Etranger. She has published a second novel, Who Occupies this House, an Editors’ Choice at The New York Times, and her work has appeared in Best American Short Stories, Best Spiritual Writing, Pushcart Prize XXV, and Pushcart Book of Short Stories.