In Conversation: Lewis Hyde and Garth Risk Hallberg

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/ Wednesday


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Lewis Hyde is a poet, essayist, translator, and cultural critic with a particular interest in the public life of the imagination. His 1983 book, The Gift, illuminates and defends the non-commercial portion of artistic practice. Trickster Makes This World (1998) uses a group of ancient myths to argue for the disruptive intelligence that all cultures need if they are to remain lively and open to change. Common as Air (2010) is a spirited defense of our "cultural commons," that vast store of ideas, inventions, and works of art that we have inherited from the past and continue to enrich in the present.

Hyde’s most recent book, A Primer for Forgetting, explores the many situations in which forgetfulness is more useful than memory—in myth, personal psychology, politics, art & spiritual life. Purchase Lewis Hyde’s work here.

Garth Risk Hallberg: BA, Washington University, St. Louis. MFA, New York University. Author of City on Fire: a novel (international bestseller), and the novella A Field Guide to the North American Family. Named one of Granta's decennial "Best of Young American Novelists" (2017); stories and essays published in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, Prairie Schooner, The Guardian, Glimmer Train, New York Magazine, Slate, The Pinch, Los Angeles Times; National Book Critics Circle Balakian Prize finalist (2011 and 2012); 2008 New York Foundation for the Arts fellow in fiction. SLC, 2011–. Purchase Garth Risk Hallberg’s work here.