Rona Carr '74:
President, Alumni Association

Rona CarrGood morning! I am Rona Carr, the President of the Sarah Lawrence College Alumnae/i Association, and I welcome you to our community.

As a community we are always evolving, and, as new alum, you are warmly invited to participate in its growth, share your ideas, your energy and networks, and to help make wonderful things happen for yourself, our College, and others.

As you are launching into the wider world, I am offering a thought someone shared with me, and personal advice to consider.

  • A Thought: Someone once told me that the definition of passion was: The dreams and hopes that consume your thoughts, and ideas that won’t leave you alone.
  • Advice: Understand and learn the art of being deferential. It will always serve you well.
  • Advice: Never forget that actions speak louder than words.
  • Advice: To hear is the gift of good health. To listen is always a choice.
  • Advice: If you have a vision, be willing to be misunderstood.
  • Advice: Money is important, and better to have than not. And it’s true that it is not quite everything. Finding the balance will always be unique and specific to every individual.
  • Advice: Your life will always be a work-in-progress. It will be very important to find the moments and small ways to celebrate that you are alive, and that you have choices, some of which will be really quite wonderful.
  • Advice: Good health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, are important. It will help you endure the stress and pressures of any loss in life, personally, and professionally, with grace and a sense of humor.
  • Advice: You may pick whom you will marry and what you do in life, but you can never pick whom you will fall in love with, or what you will love doing.

Congratulations, good luck, and do be in touch!