Donor Profile: John Quigley and Marry Curran

Donor Profile: John Quigley and Marry Curran

Parents of Jane-Claire Quigley ’10


John: professor of economics at University of California, Berkeley
Mary: securities lawyer at a private equity firm in San Francisco

First Gift to SLC

$2,500 in 2007-08 for The Fund for Sarah Lawrence. They also joined the SLC Parents Advisory Council, and John is now a member of the PAC executive committee.

Most Recent Gift

$5,000 in 2008-09 for The Fund for Sarah Lawrence.

Also Support

Their alma maters, UC Berkeley, the California Shakespeare Theater, and a number of smaller performance groups

Most Recent Books Read

John: Foreclosed: High-Risk Lending, Deregulation, and the Undermining of America’s Mortgage Market by Dan Immergluck
Mary: The Fortunate Age by Joanna Smith-Rakoff


“We’ve seen how important Sarah Lawrence has been to our daughter. She’s received a fine education that has stimulated her growth. Today, she’s interested in all sorts of new and exciting ideas— things she barely noticed two years ago. She’s studied philosophy and psychology and has had great experiences in writing classes, too, where her teachers have given her a line-by-line focus on her work. That’s one thing that’s really stunning—the amount of personal attention that students receive. It’s very unusual. We are really happy with it.”

Photo by Martin Klimek