Detective Work

Photo by Gary Gladstone, courtesy of the SLC ArchivesWhat’s going on here? This photo from the SLC Archives is a mystery. All we know is that it was taken in the 1970s. If you know who these students are—or why one of them is upside-down—please alert College Archivist Abby Lester at

Photo by Gary Gladstone, courtesy of the SLC ArchivesSolved! Diane Coffield ’64 and Judith Holt Fogler Buist ’63 identified the quartet of flappers from our spring issue. The photo is from a 1961 production of e.e. cummings’ play Him. The performers are Suzanne Boyd ’63, Judith Holt ’63, Joan Johnson ’63, and Lucy Warner ’64.

Armed with this information, College Archivist Abby Lester found a review in the student newspaper. Ellen Bay ’64 praised the College’s production of this surreal and difficult play, saying that it was “so beautifully handled that it went beyond the realm of a class project.” She wrote, “These were not just college students or people dabbling in the arts. It was a serious, successful workshop.”

Thanks to Coffield and Buist for solving the case!