Introducing Rona Carr

Introducing Rona Carr

Alumnae/i Association President

Rona Carr ’74 was elected president of the Alumnae/i Association in June. She’s had a long history with the group: She chaired the Black Alumnae/i Association in the mid-’80s and served on the Alumnae/i Association Board from 1991 to 1995, co-chairing the admission committee. She joined the board again in 2003.

As a student at Sarah Lawrence, Carr studied psychology and her don was Irving Goldman. Now she’s a consultant specializing in human resources and employee program development. Her business experience should be helpful as she leads the efforts to enrich the alumnae/i community across the country and around the world (and serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees while she’s at it). A little more about Carr, in her own words:

First Impression of SLC

I grew up in Los Angeles, and SLC was the only out-of-state school I applied to. I had met people from SLC in eighth grade—my friend’s older sister went there, and some of her college friends would hang out at their pool. The SLC girls actually had conversations with me, even though I was much younger. They didn’t talk about college, but they were nice people and made an impression on me.

Professional Parameters

I’m working with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation as their organizational ombudsman. I don’t dance at all, but I’ve always wanted to work with a performing arts organization—they have interesting human resources challenges. You have to work with the person as a whole person, because for performers, how they feel when they get up in the morning affects how they do their jobs. In business there are much stricter parameters for what topics you talk about. In the performing arts, people are romantic together, they scream at each other, and the relationships are a lot more open.

For Fun

I read a lot of fiction—Christopher Buckley, Carl Hiassen, Lewis Locke, and Nora Ephron are some of my favorites. I listen to music, try to travel, do family activities. My husband is Polish, and between his family in Poland and mine in California, I’m never bored.

Keeping in Touch

Being on the alumnae/i board involves a lot of listening. I am constantly in touch with alumnae/i. I like to send notes—one thing George Bush Sr. and I have in common.

Evolution of the Board

As president I also get to serve on the Board of Trustees, and I look forward to seeing up close what goes into running the College. I’ll be thinking a lot about how to sustain the success of SLC into the future. I want to put a spotlight on alumnae/i who are doing interesting things, and revive some of the regional alumnae/i associations. It’s not always about the Northeast.

Lovin’ It

When I was in college, Sarah Lawrence had a reputation: We were the most beautiful and difficult women on the Eastern seaboard. I loved that. I had the best time in college, and I think it’s an experience that other people should have. As alumnae/i, we wouldn’t be who we are now without Sarah Lawrence.