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Do you recognize this couple at Commencement 1978? The SLC Archives doesn't know who they are. If you do, e-mail College Archivist Abby Lester at

Juicy details are always appreciated.

Mystery Photo

Photo by Gary Gladstone, courtesy of the SLC Archives

SOLVED! Bill Sarokin '76 identified the members of this mischievous bunch from our fall issue. Clockwise from top, they are Sherry McVickar '74, Posy Gering '73, Robert Levi '75, Lucinda Ziesing '73, and Burton Supree. They were all involved in the Painter's Theatre Company, Sarokin remembers. Theatre faculty member Shirley Kaplan thinks the photo might have been from the Children's Theatre Workshop. Either way, we're glad to have names for the faces. Thanks to Sarokin for solving the case!