Publications and Awards

Guggenheim Fellowships

Two writing faculty members won Guggenheim Fellowships this year. Here’s a peek at the opening lines of their recent work.

Victoria Redel

“It was there, late into the party, after the birthday cake had been served, after she’d drunk a good deal of red wine and taken too many hits from the joints that floated by her, that the husband told Sabina that he and his wife had been thinking about her, that they’d both been thinking about her since that first night they’d met her a few weeks back.”

From “You Look Like You Do” in Make Me Do Things Fiction / Four Way, 2013

Rachel Cohen

“In the summer of 1895, Bernard Berenson, who turned 30 that June, was laboring over a follow-up volume to his successful first book, The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance. He wanted the projected book on the Florentine painters to convey to his readers not dry details of biography or composition but what he thought of as the ‘artistic personalities’ of the painters.”

From Bernard Berenson: A Life in the Picture Trade

Nonfiction / Yale, 2013

New Books and Music

Book cover for Animals in MotionAnimals in Motion

David Ryan (writing) fiction / roundabout, 2014

Thirteen surreal and beautiful stories, including one about a giant elk trapped inside the yard of a family of teenage boys whose tyrannical father gradually shrinks to the size of a doll.

Book cover for Florence GordenFlorence Gordon

Brian Morton (writing) fiction / houghton mifflin harcourt, 2014

The title character is a feminist icon to young women, invisible and under-appreciated by most everyone else. At 75, just as Florence starts to write her long-deferred memoir, her son returns, embroiling her in family drama and clouding the clarity of her days.

Book cover for WunderkammerWunderkammer

Cynthia Cruz (writing) poetry / four way, 2013

These poems, through sensuous impressions, mimic what it’s like to wake from a dream only to realize you are still inside the dream, combining the glamorous and the grotesque.

Book Cover for Yankel’s TavernYankel’s Tavern: Jews, Liquor, and Life in the Kingdom of Poland

Glenn Dynner (religion) nonfiction / oxford university, 2013

Until the 19th century, Jews ran the vast majority of taverns and distilleries in Poland-Lithuania. Their taverns became the center of local economic, social, and even religious life, demonstrating a high degree of Jewish-Christian coexistence that contrasts with the more prevalent image of anti-Semitism and violence.

National Synchrotron Light Source IINational Synchrotron Light Source II: Long Island’s Stateof-the-Art X-Ray Microscope

Scott Calvin (physics) nonfiction / brookhaven photon science users’ association, 2014

A limited-run, hand-crafted pop-up book promoting a major new science facility on Long Island. The book was co-authored with Bruce Ravel of the National Institute of Standards and Linnea Russell ’14, and assembled by a team of Sarah Lawrence students.

CD case for Le CirqueLe Cirque

Anderson/Fader duo

William Anderson (music), guitar music / furious artisans, 2014

Le Cirque gets its title from four songs with texts taken from Chagall poems, composed by Sidney Corbett. The recording features “Resisting Stillness” by Chet Biscardi (music) and a variety of modern works for two electric guitars.