Why I Give: Sally Williams '76

Williams in 1976, post-graduation.

Director of Advancement at Germantown Friends School and chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence.

THEN Graduated alongside her mother, who began her degree in 1949 and finished with Sally in 1976.

NOW Her nephew is Alexander West ’17, making Sally part of three generations of SLCers.

THEN Fulfilled her physical education requirement by playing Ping-Pong.

NOW Remains an avid Ping-Pong player today.

THEN Always appreciated the beauty of campus, particularly Westlands Lawn and the wisteria arbor.

NOW Lives in a restored barn on eight acres that once belonged to her great-grandfather.

THEN Studied with Grace Paley (writing); wanted to be a fiction writer but couldn’t afford rent as a writer.

Sarah Lawrence attracts a tremendous faculty that nurtures students and teases out what they’re passionate about, and finds ways to take those passions to the next level.

NOW She still hasn’t closed the door on writing short stories, and remembers Paley’s words: “Writing is something you love to do and that you do when you can.”

THEN Took a job as a paralegal, then became a teacher at Germantown Friends School, and moved her way up to director of advancement.

NOW Uses the genuine voice and confidence she cultivated as a writer at Sarah Lawrence to tell the story of her school.

THEN Has donated consistently since she graduated; began contributing on the leadership level in 2003.

NOW Gave $10,000 in 2014.