Then and Now: The White Room

ca. 1930

The white room around 1930

In SLC’s early years, the Westlands White Room was a formal space, hosting a wedding, funeral, countless concerts, student art exhibits, and a formal for World War II soldiers in 1943. But in 1976 it became the admissions office, and cubicles and folding chairs replaced the Greco-Roman busts, tiger pelt, and baby grand piano.


The white room in 2014

This year, with the generous support of Nancie Cooper MFA ’04, a design firm renovated the space, making it welcoming and sophisticated once again. The marble fireplace, which had been covered up, was restored, and the walls painted a warm yellow. Paintings by pop artist Robert Indiana adorn the walls, along with student work from the printmaking class taught by Kris Philipps ’85 (visual arts). The room now functions as a light-filled, multipurpose space for prospective students.