Flashback: 1987

by Katharine Reece MFA '12

Memories 1987

CURRENT EVENTS President Reagan challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. The first Simpsons cartoon premieres on The Tracy Ullman Show. The stock market sputters. The very first National Coming Out Day is celebrated (and 49 SLC students travel to Washington, DC, for the attendant March for Lesbian and Gay Rights).

IN FASHION Acid-wash jeans, shoulder pads, men’s ear piercings, denim jackets

BEST WAY TO SPEND SATURDAY MORNING “Cap’n Crunch and Cartoons” at the Pub, watching the Jetsons, Flintstones, Daffy Duck, and the Transformers as part of Winter-rest-fest

PREPARATION FOR TODAY’S TWILIGHT CRAZE Students spend Valentine’s Day at the Vampire-Lust Dance.

EVENING LECTURE TOPICS Apartheid in South Africa, the Iran/Contra hearings, and the status of the Soviet Union

HOT ACTIVIST GROUP S.A.N.D. (Students Advocating Nuclear Disarmament) helps students attend a national teach-in called “Waging War in the Nuclear Age” in Manhattan.

STUDENTS THEN WHO ARE FACULTY NOW Jeffrey McDaniel ’90 holds some of his first poetry readings at SLC with teacher and poet Thomas Lux.

FUNDRAISER EXTRAVAGANZA In December, the Debutante Ball raises $1,725.60 for AIDS research—a controversial topic at the time.

WORKSHOP FOR THE FUTURE September’s “Introduction to Zenith Microcomputers and Microsoft Word” educates students about the exciting new world of personal computers, and how to use this new word-processing program to make their papers look pretty.