Crafting Careers

Enhanced resources help students create satisfying lives from handcrafted educations.

Crafting Careers

A remarkable 95 percent of employers who host Sarah Lawrence interns say they’d rehire them. That’s an impressive statistic, but not a surprise. The critical abilities developed in seminars and conferences, through independent research and collaborative projects, are the very same skills employers seek and entrepreneurs need—especially the ones with foresight.

The Office of Career Services (OCS) helps students recognize and leverage these assets both during college and after commencement. “Career Services offers one piece of the larger skill set students acquire here,” says Director Angela Cherubini. “Many don’t realize at first just how much of what they’re learning has real-world career value.”

In the past 10 years, strategic investments have expanded the office’s reach and impact multifold. Now students can access resources that go far beyond essentials like résumé writing workshops and practice interviews. Students can work closely with newly added staff members specializing in employer relations and internship placements, cultivate and pitch startup ideas in the SLCeeds innovation and entrepreneurship program, tap into the expertise of accomplished graduates who have joined the Alumni Mentoring Community, and benefit from the one-on-one guidance of professionals who truly appreciate the value of a Sarah Lawrence education through the Board of Trustees Mentor Program.

In addition, a new venture debuted in 2016–17, modeled on the donning system. An OCS staff member is now assigned to each incoming First-Year Studies cohort, acquainting the students with career planning resources as part of their introduction to the College. The staffer also partners with the class don to stay abreast of each student’s academic and career interests, address their concerns, and lay the groundwork for life after graduation.

Ultimately, the investment in career services is a win–win. “What OCS offers is important not just because our students need to find jobs after graduation,” says Trustee Tracey G. Riese ’79, who has been a vital partner in developing new initiatives like SLCeeds. “It’s also important because a Sarah Lawrence education prepares students to contribute so innovatively to the professions, companies, and organizations they’ll join or create.”

Jeffrey Jordan ’17

Jeffrey Jordan ’17Interests | Politics and Writing

Extras | Athletics; Office Assistant, Residence Life

As a transfer student, I came here looking for where I would fit in. The OCS staff made me feel welcome from the start, spent a lot of time with me, and helped me identify my strengths. Now when I go into interviews, I feel confident and I know how to show my leadership qualities.

  • Took advantage of the OCS mock interview day, résumé workshop, law school panel, and LSAT practice test; interned at My Sister’s Place, a Yonkers organization combating domestic violence
  • Named Gryphons men’s basketball MVP for 2014–15
  • Will be attending University of Pittsburgh School of Law on a scholarship

Stephanie Serra ’14

Stephanie Serra ’14Profession | Film

Position | Founder/Producer, TRISERRATOPS Productions

SLCeeds gave me the opportunity to pitch, in a competitive but supportive environment, an idea I had been developing for some time, and to pose specific questions to expert judges. Their feedback helped me further develop my presentation, and the experience gave me the confidence to keep pitching. I am now entering post-production for my first film.

  • Scored a film industry internship with an alumna through Career Services
  • Presented her idea for a children’s film series at the SLCeeds PitchFest
  • Connected through OCS with several current students who have interned at her company

Brendan O’Connell ’17

Brendan O’Connell ’17Interests | Financial Services

Extras | Athletics; Equity Research Intern, Janney Montgomery Scott

I didn’t have any work experience when I came to college, but Career Services helped me find a great first internship through an on-campus career fair. My second big break was the Bank of America Merrill Lynch internship I got through an alumna. All my successes since then have come from that.

  • Secured a summer internship that grew into a part-time job through an alumna’s posting in the Career Services database
  • Learned about his summer 2017 employer, Credit Suisse, through the on-campus conference Your Liberal Arts Connections
  • Pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in the College’s five-year engineering program (3-2) with Columbia University; studies advanced analytical methods for business decision making

Kelsey Monson ’13

Kelsey Monson ’13Profession | Medicine

Position | Clinical Research Supervisor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

On the DC trip, we toured the National Institutes of Health [NIH]. Until then, I thought I’d go to med school, then have my own practice or work in a hospital. I had never even considered medical research like what I saw at the NIH. So that trip was transformational for me.

  • Participated in the Washington, DC, employer site visit program
  • Found her job through an OCS Fall Recruiting Consortium event
  • Started her new position just six days after graduation

Nimmi Hamid ’17

Nimmi Hamid ’17Interests | Economics and Human Rights

Extras | Development and Outreach Intern, Human Rights Watch

I don’t want my education to make me just another educated person; I want to use it to help people. The staff in OCS take the time to get to know each student, so they understand our worldviews and what we need to succeed. They have helped me become a better supporter of others.

  • Participated in the Washington, DC, employer site visit program; clarified her career goals through counseling
  • Networked with alumni in her fields of interest
  • Mentors first-year students with career concerns

Adam Treitler ’15

Adam Treitler ’15Profession | Human Resources

Position | Talent Acquisition Operations Analyst, Viacom

The staff in OCS understand the SLC pedagogy and are part of it. It’s not a broad, impersonal experience when they help you practice interviewing, write your résumé, find suitable employers. … It’s always about you. Just like SLC’s donning system, the premise is that everyone has their own story and should be in charge of crafting it.

  • Started college as a poet, transitioned into film and TV writing, then into HR
  • Refined his career path and found his current employer through the personal connection of an OCS staffer
  • Served on Sophomore Career Initiative Program event panels and critiqued student résumés after graduation

Mansuda Arora ’19

Mansuda Arora ’19Interests | Social Justice

Extras | Facilitator, Real Talk @ SLC Dialogue Group

SLC students are really independent—sometimes to a fault! Everyone thinks they can just go to the city and get a job, but it’s 10 times easier with help from OCS. They’ve helped me take what I’m learning in class and apply it on the ground, which is so satisfying.

  • Interned with the ACLU in Minnesota with financial support from the Redleaf Fund
  • Working with OCS to secure a placement in the Summer in the City Internship Program this year
  • Aspires to a career in community outreach for a social justice nonprofit

Manuela Barreneche ’14

Manuela Barreneche ’14Profession | Business Management

Position | Associate Consultant, Data Analytics, Sagence (Management Advisory Consultancy)

I didn’t think it was possible for me to get jobs at places like Morningstar [investment research] and Sagence, but Career Services gave me the opportunities. My job interviews were behavioral—not about industry expertise—and I drew on knowledge from my psych classes to get hired!

  • Landed a summer position through an invitation-only nonprofit internship fair to which OCS gained access for students
  • Received a job offer prior to graduation through a Career Services Fall Recruiting Consortium event
  • Leverages her experience as founder and chair of Sarah Lawrence for Immigration Advocacy in her current work