Alumni Publications

Card image Mike Levine '07 (aka Dr. Vireuss)

Mike Levine '07 (aka Dr. Vireuss)

Oh, The Flesh You Will Eat!

Humor / Devastator Press, 2015

A highly infectious collection of Dr. Seuss parodies, including “Green Eggzema” and “If I Ran the Quarantine,” along with the titular story of a flesh-eating virus off on a great adventure.

Card image Annie Novak '05

Annie Novak '05

The Rooftop Growing Guide

Nonfiction / Ten Speed Press, 2016

Above homes and businesses, urban rooftops are sprouting gardens all across the country. This guide provides the advice needed to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers, or even trees—no matter where you live.

Card image Stephanie Brody '76

Stephanie Brody '76

Entering Night Country: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Loss and Resilience

Nonfiction / Routledge, 2015

Brody connects the journeys taken by patients and analysts to literary journeys, such as those in the epic poems of Homer. Drawing on the mythic narratives, the book explores how the vulnerability of loss and mortality influences all aspects of psychoanalytic practice.

Card image Brigitte Quinn (Gouchoe) MFA '11

Brigitte Quinn (Gouchoe) MFA '11


Fiction / Curtis Brown Unlimited, 2015

Ambitious Barbara King wants to be Barbara Walters—but she’s stuck anchoring Phoenix’s third-ranked news channel. Life gets complicated when a charming new co-anchor tests her marriage and a new story tests what she’s willing to do for fame.

Card image Cynthia Kane MFA '06

Cynthia Kane MFA '06

How to Communicate Like a Buddhist

Self-help / Hierophant Publishing, 2016

A certified meditation and mindfulness instructor, Kane has taken the four elements of right speech as taught by Buddha 2,600 years ago and developed them into a modern practice.

Card image Beth Hahn MFA '00

Beth Hahn MFA '00

The Singing Bone

Fiction / Regan Arts, 2016

Alice Pearson is 20 years removed from a past she’d prefer to forget. But when a documentary filmmaker seeks out her story as one of the followers of convicted killer Jack Wyck, she must face her role in his crimes and the consequences she may face for having testified against him.

Card image George Grella Jr. '86

George Grella Jr. '86

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew

Nonfiction / Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

Miles Davis’ album Bitches Brew fused jazz and rock in an astonishing way. In this book, Grella explores how and why this groundbreaking album came to be, both creatively and technically.

Card image Mira Ptacin MFA '09

Mira Ptacin MFA '09

Poor Your Soul

Memoir / Soho Press, 2016

Ptacin embraces an unplanned pregnancy, only to learn that her unborn child has no chance of survival outside the womb. Ptacin’s story of tragedy is interwoven with that of her mother, whose adopted son Julian was killed by a drunk driver.

Card image Richard Fifield MFA '00

Richard Fifield MFA '00

The Flood Girls

Fiction / Gallery Books, 2016

Nine years after leaving, Rachel Flood returns to Quinn, Montana, to make amends and mend relationships. But of the 956 people in this small town, it seems that only one person is interested in hearing what she has to say—a teenager named Jake.

Card image Gloria Norris '77

Gloria Norris '77


Memoir / Regan Arts, 2016

Nine-year-old Gloria looks up to college-age Susan, whom everyone seems to like, even Gloria’s dominating father. All of their lives are thrown into chaos, however, when Susan’s father murders her mother, and Gloria’s father becomes more and more dangerous.

Card image Erin Boyle '06

Erin Boyle '06

Simple Matters

Nonfiction / Abrams, 2016

A minimalist lifestyle may be motivated by limited square footage or by a desire to consume consciously. Boyle’s personal essays, projects, and advice on “living small” make simpler living accessible to all.

Card image Christine Reilly MFA '12

Christine Reilly MFA '12

Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday

Fiction / Touchstone, 2016

Former bohemians Claudio and Mathilde are running a vinyl record store and raising three daughters: Natasha, Lucy, and Carly. The love story of an eccentric family in ’90s New York City, this debut novel was written while Reilly was a graduate student at Sarah Lawrence.

Card image Virginia Pye MFA '87

Virginia Pye MFA '87

Dreams of the Red Phoenix

Fiction / Unbridled Books, 2015

Inspired by her grandmother’s life, Pye tells the tale of a widowed American missionary in 1937 North China, who must decide whether to help the Red Army defend itself against the Japanese invasion or escape with her teenage son.

Card image Elissa Sussman '05

Elissa Sussman '05


Young Adult Fiction / Greenwillow Books, 2016

The sequel to 2014’s Stray returns readers to a world of magic and mysteries, this time following the rebel Elanor. As she helps lead her comrades in their quest to dethrone the Wicked Queen, Elanor’s past mistakes and secrets become harder and harder to hide.

Card image Connie Kennedy Calloway '71

Connie Kennedy Calloway '71

100 Pieces of Sun: Diary of a Potted Plant

Memoir / Dog Ear Publishing, 2016

Through 100 vignettes that evidence the values instilled by her close-knit African American family, Calloway traces her roots from Alabama in the 1950s to Ohio, and ultimately to Sarah Lawrence College.

Card image Leslie Feinberg '07  (co-author)

Leslie Feinberg '07 (co-author)

Prohibition Bakery

Cookbook / Sterling Epicure, 2015

Prohibition Bakery has delighted New Yorkers with boozy mini cupcakes since 2012. Now bakers can try 50 recipes for themselves, from an Old Fashioned to a Hot Buttered Rum.

Also Recently Published

Gina Barnett '74

Play the Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success

Self-help / Mcgraw-Hill Education, 2015

Barnett shares her expertise as a consultant to industry thought leaders and speaker coach for the main stage TED Conference.

Minnie Biggs '58

Shards of Ice: Antarctica—Death, Survival, Grief

Memoir / Ginninderra Press, 2015

Biggs ventures to Antarctica and courageously explores the landscapes of marriage and mourning after the death of her beloved husband.

Diane M. Cantor '76

The Poisoned Table

Historical Fiction / Mercer University Press, 2015

The real life of 19th-century Shakespearean actress Frances Anne “Fanny” Kemble is told alongside the story of fictional rival Isabel Graves. Their careers and lives progress in parallel until both actresses are exposed to the horrors of slavery in the American South.

Robert Danberg MFA '96

Teaching Writing While Standing on One Foot

Nonfiction / Sense Publishers, 2015

Danberg combines essays, poems, recipes, legends, teaching tips, and stories to explore the question: “How do we teach what we can only learn for ourselves?”

Maggie Kneip MFA '81

Now Everyone Will Know: The Perfect Husband, His Shattering Secret, My Rediscovered Life

Memoir / Garden Street Books, 2015

Kneip never imagined that the 1980s AIDS epidemic would reach her idyllic family. When her husband succumbs to the disease, she keeps the circumstances of his death a secret. Kneip ultimately faces the truth, nearly 25 years later.

Lynne Sanford Koester '67 (co-author)

Nurturing Language and Learning: Development of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Infants and Toddlers

Nonfiction / Oxford University Press, 2016

Taking a developmental approach, this book helps parents and caregivers create the foundation for optimal learning and communication.

Rebecca Marks '67

On the Rocks

Fiction / Black Opal Books, 2015

NYPD detective Dana Cohen has retired to the North Fork of Long Island, only to find herself defending her estranged husband, who has been accused of murder.

Margot Note MA '04

Project Management for Information Professionals

Nonfiction / Chandos Publishing, 2015

Guiding readers through the tools and processes of effective project management, Note also provides insight on interpersonal dynamics and organizational culture.

Patricia Ward '91

Skinner Luce

Science Fiction / Talos, 2016

Alien Nafikh take human form on Earth, as do slaves they create. Lucy, a “serv” adopted and hidden by a human family, struggles to balance her two lives.