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Back Talk

Q: What does good design mean to you?

I prefer a somewhat futuristic look. Things that are more modern. I work in an office, and good design to me means a worker-friendly environment.
Bruce Wohl ’72
New York, NY

It depends on what you’re designing.
Allison Ratner ’05, MSEd ’08
Preschool teacher
Bronx, NY

Something that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, and usable for its audience. Right now I’m reading about design patterns for coding. It’s important to write code that’s modular, interchangeable, efficient. That’s easy to change without big headaches.
Jonathan Bourland MFA ’04
Web developer
Brooklyn, NY

Good design is accessible to as many people as possible. It’s understandable to all.
Laura Hope Fink ’88
Urban planner
Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes good design means not knowing what good design is—being open to the idea that you might not know it when you see it. It has a connection to the unknown.
Kathy Westwater MFA ’01
Choreographer and SLC dance faculty
Hartsdale, NY

Frank Gehry’s design is always good. Oscar de la Renta. Chanel. They show a real sense of imagination and vision. I think Gehry is the greatest architect of this century—he has such a visionary outlook on what design should be.
Katherine Selznick ’64, MFA ’96
Theatre director
Pacific Palisades, CA

The most important thing in print is to make sure the design doesn’t overwhelm the content. Design is a complement—a backdrop for the civilized world, or the written word.
Lilian Taylor Howard ’58
Virginia Beach, VA

Good design is functional, and serves a purpose without having a lot of extra stuff. It’s not overdone. It visually communicates something. It has to be useful and have some purpose. It has to capture my attention as something unique, yet not outlandish.
Molly Caldwell ’93
Real estate agent
Brooklyn, NY