Giulia Melucci ’88
I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti
Memoir / Grand Central, 2009
Melucci tells the story of her romances and the mouth-watering recipes she used to both seduce her men and console herself when they left. Throughout her remembrances are her mother’s recipes, and many she invented on her own, inspired by the men in her life.

Alexandra Avakian ’83
Windows of the Soul: My Journeys in the Muslim World
Photography / Focal Point, 2008
In gripping words and unforgettable images, Avakian draws readers into the Muslim world to meet friends, terrorists, leaders, and thieves. See page 30 for an excerpt.

Angela von der Lippe ’72
The Truth About Lou: A Novel After Salomé
Fictional Biography / Counterpoint, 2008
Von der Lippe translates the love letters between Rainer Maria Rilke and the biblical Salomé, a prolific writer whose life spanned several historic epochs: the end of the Russian empire, the Weimer Republic, and the rise of the Nazi Party.

Amy Nawrocki ’96
Potato Eaters
Poetry / Finishing Line, 2008
A mother-daughter relationship binds the collection, offering an intimate portrait of family life.

Matthew Schwartz ’93
Blessings for the Hands
Poetry / University of Chicago, 2008
Schwartz’s quasi-autobiographical verse complicates and clarifies the emotions waiting just underneath the patterns and expectations of the speakers’ lives, where anger, joy, and mortality all seem to collide. Dreams are continuous presences in this elegant debut collection that juxtaposes physical circumstances with the vast interior life of the imagination.

Michael Itkoff ’04
Street Portraits
Photography / Charta, 2008
Itkoff has traveled the world since 2002, taking portraits of everyday people in the street. See the inside front cover for a selection of his work.

Chris Carroll ’85
Legends of Country
Music / Dalmation, 2007
Full of hundreds of color images of country music icons, Legends of Country contains fascinating stories and trivia, revealing the people behind the fame.

Charles Barasch ’72
Dreams of the Presidents: From George Washington to George W. Bush
Poetry / North Atlantic, 2008
Exploring the limits and possibilities of power, Barasch makes light of the sense of self-importance that afflicts too many politicians. Each poem offers insight into a president’s life and his relationships with family, allies, and rivals.

Joshua Gage ’02
Poetry / VanZeno, 2008
Michael Dylan Welch writes, “Gage’s haiku celebrate the common with immediacy and honesty; each poem is a fresh breath to save your life.”

Robyn Schiff ’95
Poetry / University of Iowa, 2008
Schiff’s poetry reckons with the foreboding objects displayed at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and traces of their ghosts many years later. A dirge on the Singer sewing machine and a breathless account of Ralph Lauren’s Porsche 550 Spyder are among the collection’s exhilarating corporate histories and fantasias.

Kai Jackson Issa ’89
Howard Thurman’s Great Hope
Children’s / Lee and low, 2008
Howard Thurman devoted his life to promoting racial equality and social justice. Jackson skillfully wraps his biography into an enjoyable story accessible to young readers.

Richard Morais ’81
The Hundred-Foot Journey
Fiction / HarperCollins, 2008
Chef Hassan Haji recounts his journey from his family’s modest eatery in Mumbai to his elegant restaurant in Paris, where he conquered the world of French haute cuisine. Full of eccentric characters and delicious meals, his tale reveals a truism that bedevils any man: the costs of rising to the top are only revealed later in life.