Master Class

Photo by Dana Maxson

Barbara Walters

As part of a campus celebration of a special Barbara Walters Day on May 6, the venerated television icon gave 40 students a gift they will cherish forever: a master class on the art of the interview. Walters shared her wisdom and the skills she has perfected over five decades of broadcast journalism. During the class, the eager students—many of them aspiring journalists—had the rare opportunity to interview the broadcast industry’s most notable interviewer of all time. Lauren McKarus '15 covered the event:

From becoming the first female writer on NBC’s Today Show to interviewing a wide-ranging variety of world leaders, celebrities, and prominent newsmakers, Barbara Walters blazed the trail for many journalists. So how does one of the world’s most distinguished journalists prepare for interviewing her subjects? “I read everything there is to read about them,” Walters said. “I watch past interviews they’ve done, and I study how they sit, how they move, and when they feel uncomfortable. It gives me a feeling of how far I can go; I do my homework.” Remembering her more challenging interviews, Walters advised students to “prepare your questions, but be prepared to throw them away.” When asked about her legacy, she said, “I hope that my greatest impact will be that you won’t be afraid.”