Carrie Zoubul

BA, University of California, Los Angeles, MA, Case Western Reserve University. JD. Brooklyn Law School. An attorney with experience in elder law, health law, and bioethics, Zoubul has worked as a clinical ethicist at Lenox Hill Hospital and as senior attorney for the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law. She also has experience in guardianship law, serving as a staff attorney at the Vera Institute of Justice’s Guardianship Project. At the Community Service Society of New York, she was associate director of the ICAN project, the New York State Ombuds program for managed long-term care. Her professional affiliation with the Borchard Foundation on Law and Aging began when she was awarded a postgraduate elder law fellowship for a project focused on leveraging interdisciplinary graduate education to prepare professionals to better assist elderly individuals as they utilize the healthcare system. She recently joined C.A. Goldberg, PLLC in Brooklyn, NY.SLC, 2018–

Previous Courses

MA Health Advocacy

Health Law


This course introduces students to a broad range of legal and policy issues surrounding the provision of health care. The course will focus on three areas: rights of patients in their relationships with health care professionals and institutions, licensing and regulatory issues, and conflicts between the rights of individuals and the interests of society.