Eduardo Lago

Note: on leave spring semester

MA, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York. Special interests in translation theory, the aesthetics of the Baroque, and the connections among contemporary US Latino, Iberian, Spanish American, and Luso-Brazilian fiction writers. Author of Ladrón de mapas (Map Thief), a collection of short stories published in September 2007; Cuentos disperses (Scattered Tales), a collection of short stories, and Cuaderno de Méjico (Mexican Notebook), a memoir of a trip to Chiapas, both published in 2000. First novel Llámame Brooklyn (Call Me Brooklyn) in 2006 won Spain’s Nadal Prize and the City of Barcelona Award for best novel of the year, the Fundación Lara Award for the novel with the best critical reception, the National Critics Award, and best novel of the year in Spain by El Mundo. Recipient of the 2002 Bartolomé March Award for Excellence in Literary Criticism. Currently director of Instituto Cervantes of New York. SLC, 1994–

Undergraduate discipline: Spanish

Courses taught in Spanish

Courses from previous years

  • Beginning Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish III: Culture in the Information Age
  • Literature in Spanish: The Spanish Language Canon
  • Intermediate Spanish III: Culture in the Information Age
  • Spanish Literature

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