Office of the Dean of Studies & Student Life




At Sarah Lawrence College, the Office of the Dean of Studies & Student Life:

  • Oversees the academic programs and progress of students
  • Assists faculty in advising and guiding students toward completion of their degrees
  • Establishes and publicizes standards for all students
  • Supports First Year Studies teachers and their donning
  • Conducts an annual review of the Student Handbook
  • Meets regularly with staff from other student-centered departments
  • Works with the faculty-student Committee on Student Work

The Committee on Student Work reviews each student's academic progress at the end of every semester; sets and evaluate academic policies and procedures; hears student appeals for exceptions to academic policy; reviews student plans for leaves of absence and off-campus study programs; and screens candidates for postgraduate scholarships and fellowships.

Meet the Staff

Daniel Trujillo

Dean of Studies and Student Life


Beverly Fox

Senior Associate Dean of Studies


Rachelle Sussman Rumph

Rachelle Sussman Rumph

Associate Dean of Studies


Polly Waldman

Associate Dean of Disability Services


Melinda Cohen

Associate Dean for Pre-Professional Advising


Shirley Be

Assistant Dean of Studies and Director of International Admission and Advising