Hank Bamberger MFA '20

Cleo, Sement. (2020)

Choreographed by Hank Bamberger
Performed by Hank Bamberger, Sophia Cutrubus, Sabrina Leira, Lily Padilla
Video by Harrison O’Clair, Additional footage by Hank Bamberger
Music by Hank Bamberger
Music Edited by William Catanzaro
Costumes by Hank Bamberger in consultation with Amy Page
Set, Design, Props by Hank Bamberger
Lighting by Hank Bamberger


I would like to thank a multitude of people for their inspiring and influential efforts during the creative processes of Cle, Sement. (2020), and those leading up to it. First off, I would never have been able to build such a performative nightmare on the challenging scale I desired without the unapparelled, phenomenal artistries of Sophia Cutrubus, Sabrina Leira, and Lily Padilla. You three are outrageously gifted technicians, thinkers, and improvisational marvels. I have been so deeply inspired by each of you, and truly could not have created the thesis work of my dreams without your lionheartedness. Thank you to Harrison O’Clair, my videographer, for capturing this work in time when COVID-19 hit. Without your help and immediate call to action, I never would have been able to salvage the original integrity and magic of Cleo, Sement (2020).

A huge thank you to Juliana May and John Jasperse for leading me courageously through my choreographic conniptions, and guiding me safely to another side of success. I cannot express my deep gratitude for the ways in which you both view dance and have allowed me to grow into a gutsy demon-conductor of movement. I could not have created and cultivated such a densely rich, aural experience without the genius, musical talent of William Catanzaro; thank you for your wacky expertise, friendship, talent, and generosity. An enormous ‘brava’ and thank ‘ya’ goes out to Miss Amy Page! Your brilliance in costuming has shined through in every one of my works, and you have quickly become a dear friend and artistic partner who has taught me a great deal about the transformations of dress – you rock!

To Miss Olana Flynn, thank you for coming into Sarah Lawrence when you did, I so appreciate your tenacity and love for the craft! You have taught me an insane amount in regards to film, music, editing, and choreographic experimentation. Your voice is heard loud and clear, and your advice is always heeded…whether I want to go back to the drawing board or not. Thank you to Beth Gill and Dean Moss for your honesty, commitment, and compassion throughout my dance making endeavors in semesters past. Thank you, Peggy Gould, for being a bright light and guiding force throughout my creative/academic processes. A massive thank you to Carmen Hartigan for keeping all of us duckies in line…especially a basket case like me. You are the glue that holds this foundation together!

Thank you to my parents, brother, and sister for your undying love, support, and encouragement. You have always believed in my craziness, even when the work didn’t make much sense. I am so grateful for you all. Finally, the biggest thank you of all goes out to my incredible team, my fearless and courageous cohort of MisFiAts! We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into, but we pulled through and grew immensely as both people and artists. I love you all dearly and wildly respect each and every one of you. Thank you for making this ride memorable, fun, challenging, and lasting. ‘Wobbledee,’ we did it!