Empowering Teachers Program




Empowering Teachers is a week-long intensive program for educators and graduate students at any stage in their careers who are working with children in early childhood, elementary, and middle school settings. This year's theme is Teachers as Activists: Forming Alliances with Other Teachers, Parents, and Communities to Advocate for Children and will focus on ways teachers can collaborate to support children on the classroom, building, district, community, and national levels. The program’s general focus is on shared experiences, reflection on one’s own practice, mutual support, and exploration of ways to maintain the child as the center of the educational process through experiential workshops and discussion with experts and colleagues in the field.

The Empowering Teachers Program will include:

  • A keynote address (Thomas H. Wright Lecture)
  • A roundtable conversation with the speaker just for the Empowering Teachers group
  • Small working groups meeting throughout the week to share their reflections and practices
  • A series of experiential workshops that are both stimulating and fun
  • Colleagues from across the New York City Metropolitan area and beyond who work with students of varied ages
  • Sarah Lawrence faculty and guest presenters
  • A chance to reflect, experience, and collaborate in a relaxed environment on a beautiful campus
  • Participation for two years in an ongoing consideration of how to keep childhood alive at school and children meaningfully connected to the physical and social world and their imaginations in this era of standardization.