“Why I Give” Wednesday: Mark Goodman ’83

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"What continues to stand out as relevant from my education is learning how to prepare for and engage in one-on-one discussions with my teachers about my independent conference work. I also look back with great appreciation on the extent to which my seminars routinely involved students and teachers engaging in thoughtful, opinionated, and sometimes intense discussions."

"The work I do now as a lawyer—with its emphasis on preparation, careful reading, problem solving, writing, advocacy, and effective collaboration—can be tied directly to the skills I started to develop in classes and conferences at Sarah Lawrence."

"I support Sarah Lawrence because it's a one-of-a-kind institution that provides what generations of graduates have experienced as a transformational education. The Sarah Lawrence approach fosters independence, confidence, analytical rigor, and active engagement—all particularly relevant to the demands of and rapid changes in the modern workplace."

"I give to help preserve the College's special academic character, to give back to its highly dedicated faculty, to maximize access to a unique educational opportunity by supporting financial aid, and, most important, to grow the endowment as a means of protecting and strengthening a national treasure."