Diversity Advisory and Programming Subcommittee (DAPS)

DAPSThe Diversity Advisory and Programming Subcommittee (DAPS) is the event planning arm of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We work to be proactive in the campus community by providing regular events and workshops around social identity and social justice issues. Our goal is to enhance intercultural dialogue and understanding on campus.

DAPS Committee members are comprised of students and staff who seek to:

  • Be an accessible and visible resource to the entire Sarah Lawrence community
  • To create programming that addresses and meets the needs of the Sarah Lawrence community as a whole
  • To provide funding for student-lead programming around issues related to enhancing visibility, examining prejudice, and addressing the exclusion of marginalized communities on campus and beyond
  • To provide space for students to speak to Sarah Lawrence staff and fellow students about campus climate concerns and varying issues on campus
  • To better enable different communities to connect, collaborate, and communicate with one another
  • To support and connect with groups and students whose missions include working toward a more productive, accountable, and socially-just campus

Visit the DAPS pages on GryphonLink and MySLC (login required)