Alejandro Satz Lecture—Black Hole Entropy and Quantum Entanglement (Science Seminar Series)

Note: This event has ended.

Science Center 103

Open to the public

/ Tuesday

12:35pm - 1:35pmAdd to calendar

Black holes are regions where the warping of space and time, as described by Einstein's General Relativity, becomes so intense that light is unable to escape and the region is cut off from the rest of the universe. Many predictions of gravitational physics about black holes were spectacularly confirmed by LIGO's detection of gravitational waves from black hole mergers, which was awarded the 2017 Physics Nobel Prize. In this talk, Alejandro Satz will give a summary of our current understanding of black holes, focusing especially on Stephen Hawking's prediction that black holes have thermal properties which include an entropy proportional to their surface area. He will also explain why black hole entropy is a key clue for building a theory of quantum gravity, and describe some recent research in which we make progress by clarifying the connection between black hole entropy and quantum entanglement entropy.

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