Sophie Needleman '16:
Chair of the Senior Gift Committee

Stephanie NeedlemanTo all who donated to the Senior Gift, thank you so much for all the time and money you have given to the committee this year. We are so proud to present this check towards student scholarships for the upcoming year. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the small moments that shape a Sarah Lawrence education, and as we are gathered here today for what is quite possibly the final time all of us will be together in the same place, I invite you to do the same. Maybe it was the first really emotional conversation with a psychology professor and the moment when you realized a woman with a PhD from Oxford would become your close friend. Maybe it was the first all nighter in the library and the moment you walked into the pub, ordered a breakfast sandwich, and became fast friends with the person who made it. Maybe it was that last conference paper handed in this semester, and the moment you finally understood that a Sarah Lawrence education is, without question, unparalleled by any other institution in the world.

As we prepare to set out on the next leg of our journey, we will be taking Sarah Lawrence with us wherever we go. It will reveal itself in our conversations and ways of viewing the world. Today, I challenge you to take all Sarah Lawrence has given you and give it back not only to the school, but also to every new space you enter and every new person you meet. Each tiny moment is magnified, and the world is transformed. This school has given us so much—now, let's keep it up.

Senior Class Gift Committee