Kirsten Craig ‘15: Co-Chair, Senior Gift Committee

Kirsten CraigTo all who donated money to the Senior Gift, thank you so much for all the time and money you have given to the committee this year. We are so proud to present this check towards student scholarships for the upcoming year and we would like to take a minute to reflect on all the things that Sarah Lawrence has given us:

  • Professors who have fueled our academic discoveries in every pursuit from fairytales to global development
  • Staff who have witnessed our all-nighters but still liked us anyway, who fed us, and who fixed everything that we broke
  • Community leaders who welcomed us with open arms to become a part of their space, too
  • Coaches who pushed us to be one second faster and four times stronger
  • A space for challenging self-discovery that has forced us to step into ourselves and face the world in all the ways that we are able
  • All of the beautiful souls sitting before us now, who have made our time here unforgettable and full of love despite our differences
  • And a place to call home

As we say goodbye to the family we created here at Sarah Lawrence today, we should keep in mind all that Sarah Lawrence has given us, especially all the ways that we are now able to see the world. Zoe and I challenge you today to keep on giving, not only to Sarah Lawrence but to a global society so much in need of those with a liberal arts education. Sarah Lawrence has given us endurance, understanding, and a hope for change—now let’s go use it.